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  Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. And does it get any better than this, a graduation ceremony for one of the great universities in the world in the home of New York Yankees? Nothing could be better. (Applause.) And thanks to all of you for cheering a visitor. I didn’t realize that was permitted in Yankee Stadium.

  谢谢,谢谢,非常感谢。还有比这更好的事吗--世界上最好的大学之一在纽约扬基队主场所在地举行毕业典礼?真是再好不过了。(掌声) 谢谢大家如此热烈地为一位来访的客人加油。我原以为在扬基体育场不可以这样做。


  I am honored to receive this degree. And on behalf of the other honorees, I say thank you. Thank you for giving us this singular privilege of being part of this commencement ceremony. As I look out at this huge crowd of graduates, family, and friends, I can only reflect on what an extraordinary moment in history you are receiving your degrees, a moment in time of our country and the world where your talents and your energy, your passion and commitment is more needed than ever. There is no doubt that you are well prepared for a world that seems somewhat uncertain but which will welcome the education that you have received on behalf of not only of yourselves and your families, but your communities and your country.



  As Secretary of State, I am well aware of the challenges that we face. You, as new graduates, and your generation will be up against those challenges: climate change and hunger, extreme poverty and extreme ideologies, new diseases and nuclear proliferation. But I am absolutely convinced that you and we are up to the task. There is no problem we face here in America or around the world that will not yield to human effort, to cooperation, to positive interdependence that makes clear humanity is going on, our challenges are ones that summon the best of us, and we will make the world better tomorrow than it is today. (Applause.)



  Now, I know that it is fashionable in commencement speeches to be idealistic, and that may sound so, but at the root of my conviction is a strong sense of reality. Because you see, I don’t think we have a choice. We can sit on the sidelines, we can wring our hands, we can retreat into cynicism, and we know what the results will be: We will cede the field to those whose ideologies are absolutely anathema to people of conscience and faith all over the world. So our positive interdependence, which is a fact, will prepare us to meet these challenges. But they can no longer be seen just as government-to-government. There is a time and an opportunity, and with the new technologies available, for us to be citizen diplomats, citizen activists, to solve problems one by one that will give in to hard work, patience, and persistence, and will then aggregate to the solutions we seek.

  我知道,在毕业典礼上作理想化的演说是当前的时尚,[我的讲话]听起来也许很理想化,但我的信念深处有一种强烈的现实感。因为你们知道,我认为我们别无选择。我们可以袖手旁观,我们可以束手无策,我们可以采取悲观怀疑的态度,但我们知道这样做会产生什么样的结果:我们会把阵地拱手让给那些其意识形态为世界上所有有良知和信仰者所不齿的人。因此,我们之间积极的相互依赖 --这是一个事实--将使我们为应对这些挑战做好准备。但这不能再被仅仅视作政府与政府之间的事情。随着新技术的不断涌现,我们有时间和机会成为公民外交家、公民活动家,通过辛勤工作、耐心和毅力一个一个地解决问题,逐步积累成我们所寻求的解决方案。


  Now, I know we cannot send a special envoy to negotiate with a pandemic, or call a summit with carbon dioxide, or sever relations with the global financial crisis. To confront these threats and to seize the opportunities that they also present, we need to build new partnerships from the bottom up, and to use every tool at our disposal. That is the heart of smart power. But smart power requires smart people, people who have gone the distance for their education, who have opened themselves up to this increasingly complex and interconnected world, and this changing global landscape requires us to expand our concept of diplomacy.



  Now, when I was graduating so many years ago, diplomacy was the domain of privileged men working behind closed doors. Today, our diplomats are not limited, and our diplomacy is no longer confined to the State Department or our embassies. We are laying the foundation for 21st century statecraft. Where? In the classrooms of NYU, in the board rooms of the businesses of this great city, in the halls of academia, in the operating rooms of our great hospitals. We are looking for those personal commitments and connections, and that is where all of you come in.



  The biggest challenges we face today will be solved by the 60 percent of the world’s population under the age of 30. And already, young people, like all of you, are using their talents and ingenuity to help fashion their own brand of service and diplomacy.



  A few examples: In the nation of Colombia, two young college graduates, fed up with the violence in their country, used Facebook to organize 14 million people into the largest antiterrorism demonstrations in the history of the world. (Applause.) In a few short weeks, their peaceful efforts did as much damage to the terrorist networks as years of military action.



  I know that one of your graduates spent months on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro searching for sustainable development models to bring to women and families and help them lift themselves out of poverty. Another of your classmates was studying in China last year when the devastating earthquake struck, and that has led to work ever since to deliver supplies and assistance to villagers in remote areas. International students have gone on to fight for human rights in Rwanda, build civil society in the nation of Georgia, run businesses, and lead governments. And many of you, I know, used social networking platforms to make Barack Obama the President of the United States of America. (Applause.)

  我知道,你们这届毕业生中的一员曾在乞力马扎罗峰(Mount Kilimanjaro)的山坡上生活了好几个月,努力寻找可持续发展模式,以便利用这种模式帮助妇女和家庭自力更生地摆脱贫困。你们的另一位同学去年在中国留学期间遇上大地震爆发,灾情惨重,这位同学自此一直在从事为偏远地区的村民输送物资和援助的工作。留学生们有的前往卢旺达参加争取人权的斗争,有的到格鲁吉亚建设公民社会,有的经营公司企业,有的领导政府工作。我知道,你们之中有很多人利用社交网络平台帮助巴拉克·奥巴马当上了美利坚合众国总统。(掌声)


  President Obama and I deeply understand how important it is for the young people of our country, but the young people of every country, to be given the opportunity to translate your beliefs and ideals into service and action, just as John Kennedy did when he created the Peace Corps and as President Bill Clinton did when he created AmeriCorps. This is in the tradition of citizen service. (Applause.)

  奥巴马总统和我都深切理解为我国乃至所有国家的年轻人创造机会的重要意义,以便你们把自己的信念和理想化为奉献与行动,正如约翰·肯尼迪创建和平队(Peace Corps)和比尔·克林顿总统创建美国志愿队(AmeriCorps)一样,这符合公民服务的传统。(掌声)


  So we need to figure out ways to prepare all of our institutions of government, including and especially the State Department, to harness the efforts of those who do not enter the Foreign Service but still engage in your own type of foreign service. Our State Department personnel are skilled, dedicated, passionate, and effective. And for those of you still looking for jobs, we are hiring a new generation of diplomats. (Applause.)



  I hope many of you will join our ranks in the Foreign Service and the Civil Service, but I know that not all will choose to become professional diplomats, and I also know that the State Department alone cannot tackle these great problems. So my message to you today is this: Be the special envoys of your ideals; use the communication tools at your disposal to advance the interests of our nation and humanity everywhere; be citizen ambassadors using your personal and professional lives to forge global partnerships, build on a common commitment to solving our planet’s common problems. By creating your own networks, you can extend the power of governments to meet the needs of this and future generations. You can help lay the groundwork for the kind of global cooperation that is essential if we wish, in our time, to end hunger and defeat disease, to combat climate change, and to give every child the chance to live up to his or her God-given potential. (Applause.)



  This starts with opportunities for educational exchanges, the kind of dorm room and classroom diplomacy that NYU is leading on. I want to commend my friend, your president, the trustees of this great university, for understanding and believing in the importance of educational exchanges.



  You know, study abroad is like spring training for this century. It helps you develop the fundamentals, the teamwork, and the determination to succeed. And we want more American students to have that opportunity. That’s why we are increasing funding for Gilman scholarships by more than 40 percent. More than 400 New Yorkers have used Gilman scholarships to spend a semester abroad, including nine students from NYU last year.

  你们知道,出国留学就象是为一场世纪棒球赛作准备的春训。它有助于你们增强基础技能、团队精神和取得成功的决心。我们要让更多的美国学生获得这种机会。这正是我们把吉尔曼奖学金(Gilman Scholarships)的数额增加40%以上的原因。已经有400多名纽约人利用吉尔曼奖学金花一个学期的时间去国外留学,其中包括去年在国外留学的纽约大学的9位同学。


  Now, of course, study abroad is a two-way street, and we should bring more qualified students from other countries to study here. NYU provides a prime example of what international students can bring to a campus and how they can benefit themselves and their countries. Over 700,000 international students came to the United States last year, and NYU had the second largest number of any school in the country. (Applause.)



  Now, the benefits from such exchanges are so great that I am committed to streamline the visa process - (applause) - particularly for science and technology students so that even more qualified students will come to our campuses in the future. We’re also doing more to marry technology with global service. That’s why today I am pleased to announce that over the next year the State Department will be creating Virtual Student Foreign Service Internships to harness the energy of a rising generation of citizen diplomats. Working from college and university campuses, American students will partner with our embassies abroad to conduct digital diplomacy that reflects the realities of the networked world. And you can learn more about this initiative on the State Department’s website.

  由于这些交流带来了巨大的益处,我决心简化签证手续──(掌声)──特别是为理工科的学生,以便未来有更多优秀学生到我们的大学深造。我们也在扩大把高科技与全球性服务相结合的做法。因此,今天我高兴地宣布,在今后一年里国务院将建立起“学生网上外交实习项目”(Virtual Student Foreign Service Internships) ,使正在成长的一代公民外交家的能量得到有效利用。美国大学生将与我国驻外使馆协作,在自己的校园内开展网上外交活动,反映网络化世界的现实。你们可以在国务院网站上了解该项目的详情。


  But I know that you don’t have to wait for us to create a new program. When you go home today, go online and find the website called Kiva, K-i-v-a, where you can help someone like San Ma, a mother in Vietnam who is seeking a microcredit loan to buy rice seed and fertilizer for her family farm; or log on to Heifer International’s site, and for less than the cost of a dinner out, you can donate a flock of geese to a hungry family in Asia or Africa; or help Wangari Mathai’s Green Belt movement in planting trees and offsetting carbon emissions and empowering women in Africa.

  但我知道,你们不需要等到我们建立起一个新项目之后再行动。今天你们回家后,上网找到一个称为Kiva--K-i-v-a--的网站,在那里你可以帮助像San Ma这样一位越南母亲,她正在寻找一笔小额贷款,为她的家庭农场购买稻种和肥料;或者你们可以进入海菲国际(Heifer International)的网站,只要花费比在外面吃一顿晚餐还少的钱就可以把一群鹅捐赠给亚洲或非洲一个饥饿的家庭;或帮助文加里·马塔伊(Wangari Mathai)倡导的"绿带运动" (Green Belt movement ),种植树木,中和碳排放,并帮助非洲妇女发挥潜能。


  Now, supporting these projects and others like them doesn't require a lot of time or money. But for the people you help and the planet you protect, your participation can be not just a game changer, but a life changer. Global service also means promoting good governance. We need informed citizens, both here at home and around the world, to hold their governments accountable for getting results and finding solutions.



  And this is not only directed at the graduates today, but there are a lot of proud mothers and fathers and husbands and wives and grandparents and children and others who have seen you to this day. And this is an offer and a challenge to all of us. In the times that we face, we know we don’t have a person to waste, we don’t have an idea to overlook. In fact, we have to be even more committed to reaching out and crossing the divides that too often separate us. For those who have come to this country to celebrate a child or a friend’s graduation, please take home this message: America more than ever wants your help; in fact, needs your help as we build these new partnerships and as we seek solutions to the global crises that cannot be solved by any one people or one government alone.



  We need each other. We always have. It’s just so much more apparent today. A flu starting in one country spreads quickly around the world. An extremist ideology starting with a few people explodes across the internet. A global financial crisis affects farmers and small business people in every corner of the globe. That is a new reality. But equally important is that we also now have the tools to work together to forge this common approach to these common threats.



  So, Class of 2009, you have an historic opportunity. Every class is told that, and to some extent I suppose it is always true. But just in the course of this commencement ceremony, you’ve heard several references to the global economic crisis. The times that you are graduating in are, yes, perhaps more difficult and somewhat more daunting. But that’s when we really rise together. One of the best lines from one of my favorite baseball movies, A League of Their Own - (applause) - said it well, “If it were easy, anybody could do it.”

  2009年毕业班的同学们,你们面临着历史性的机遇。每一届毕业生都听到这样的话,而且我认为在某种程度上确实如此。不过,在今天的毕业典礼上,你们已多次听到有关全球经济危机的话题。应该承认,你们毕业的这个时代或许更为困难,在某种意义上也更令人生畏。然而,这正是需要我们共同挺身而出的时候。我不禁想起一部我喜爱的关于棒球的影片,《女子棒球队》(A League of Their Own),其中一句精彩的台词 ── (掌声) ── 说得真好,"如果没有困难,任何人都能做到"。


  You know, when the Yankees moved in to their old stadium next door in 1923, there was only person on the roster from west of St. Louis. Their team mostly looked the same, talked the same, and came from the same kind of cities and towns and rural areas across America. Think about the team that plays in this new stadium. It includes players from Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Panama, four other countries. The Dominican Republic alone is home to seven Yankees. In the same way, NYU has evolved as well. The university was founded to serve the City of New York. Today it serves the world.

  你们知道,当扬基队(Yankees)于1923年迁入隔壁的旧体育场时,名册上只有一位队员来自圣路易斯城(St.Louis)以西的地区。这支球队的队员外表大同小异,说话语气相同,均来自美国同一类地区的城镇和乡村。再看看今天在这个新场地竞技的球队,其中有来自墨西哥、日本、台湾、巴拿马及其他四国的队员。扬基队就有七名队员来自多米尼加共和国(Dominican Republic)。同样,纽约大学也在演变。学校创立时只为纽约市服务,如今则为全球服务。


  We know that there is much yet ahead that none of us can predict. There is no way to stop change. Change will come. What is unknown is whether it will bring progress or not. But you have done what you needed to do to get the best insurance policy you could, and that is an NYU education. (Applause.) And so armed with that education, I have every confidence that you will not only succeed by the dint of your own hard work and effort, but you will contribute far beyond your own personal needs. This is your moment. You’ve made it to the big leagues, and you are up to bat. Go out and give us a future worthy of this great university, of this great city, of this great country, and of the world we all wish to create together.

  我们知道,前方有许多未知数,我们谁都无法预测。变革不可逆转。变革终会来临。无法预知的是,变革能否带来进步。然而,你们已尽了一切努力,获得了最好的保障,那就是纽约大学的教育。 (掌声) 有了这样的教育,我完全相信,你们不仅可凭着你们自身的勤奋努力获得成功,而且还能为社会做出重大贡献,远远超出自身的需求。这是你们的时刻。你们加入了这个宏大的联队,你们可以出击了。踏上征途,开创我们的未来,使之无愧于这所伟大的学府,无愧于这座伟大的城市,无愧于这个伟大的国家,无愧于我们都希望共同建立的世界。


  Thank you, congratulations, and Godspeed. (Applause.)

  谢谢大家,祝贺你们,愿诸位一切平安。 (掌声)


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